Talk to Your Real Estate Appraiser in Napa County, CA About How the Recent Rain Can Affect Your Property

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As your premier real estate appraiser in Napa County, CA, County Appraisals Inc. knows firsthand that weather is a key factor in the health of your property, and therefore your budget. That’s why we keep track of the latest forecasts and weather events in your area.

Lately, we’ve experienced a lot of intense weather in the form of torrential rain, and there’s more bad weather on the horizon. Here are the key facts you should know so you’re better informed going forward. As always, call County Appraisals Inc. for expert advice about property appraisals and any related needs.

A long drought

For five years, California has suffered through an incredibly detrimental drought. Fields, lawns and bodies of water have simply dried up. Where rain should have replenished nature and crops, there was none. Residents across California dealt with strict water conservation rules and lived in constant worry about when rain would come again. Sometimes, it seemed like it would never return. Finally, the rain has come, but it’s brought some problems along with it.

This winter, California has been hit with a massive string of storms, which have of course caused a great deal of water accumulation, damage and even death. Flood warnings and evacuations have abounded for the last couple of months. Most recently, a large storm system came through north and central California, depositing about three more inches in the Central Valley, and close to 10 in the mountains.

In late February, over 180,000 residents had to evacuate the area below the Oroville Dam, after an emergency spillway was damaged and the unusually high reservoir levels became a concern.

In addition to heavy rain, the latest wind levels have been measured at near hurricane strength. This has caused several deaths, as well as significant roadway flooding and mudslides. Recently, Interstate 5 went under water completely, and a sinkhole in Studio City sucked in a car. Sacramento Valley doesn’t typically see flooding, but all that has changed with the latest round of floods.

Some experts have noted that one storm on its own would be manageable. But unfortunately, so much rain has already fallen that rivers and reservoirs are full to the brim, and in some cases spilling over, as it is. Recently, the San Joaquin River was marked at “danger stage,” and the Don Pedro Reservoir in Tuolumne County was only a few feet below flood level.

Evacuations are happening, or are expected to happen, in a great deal of areas and counties, so make sure you have a plan for leaving in the event that the need should arise.

If you haven’t done so already, call County Appraisals Inc. We’ll help you plan for the worst and prepare for better times after this terrific bout of rain subsides. We care about the wellbeing of you and your property, and we’ll help you recover and improve going forward. Get in touch today to learn more about how an experienced real estate appraiser in Napa County, CA can help!

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