Preparing for Estate Appraisals in Napa County, CA

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If you’re preparing to sell your home, refinance or simply want to know how much your home is worth, you will need to complete an estate appraisal in Napa County, CA. Are you familiar with this process? It’s important to know what to expect and what is expected of you for the appraisal. Use the following guide to educate yourself on this process and make it as smooth as possible.

The Appraisal: What to Expect

When you are selling or buying a home or refinancing a mortgage, the lender involved will be the one to hire the appraiser, but you will pay for the service. The appraiser will then complete a three-part process to appraise your property.

First, the appraiser will visit your home. They will review all the major components and features of your property. This visit typically lasts about half an hour. Once they’ve gathered this information, they will move on to the second step: comparables. The appraiser will pull up the listing and sale information for properties similar to yours. They will use the figures from these sales to help determine the appropriate value to place on your home.

Once the appraiser has completed this process, they will write up their appraisal report. They will submit this to the lender, and you and your realtor will be able to receive a copy as well.

The Appraisal: How to Prepare

Of course, homeowners want their home to appraise for as much as possible. That means making your home look sharp for the appraisal. The better impression it makes, the higher the value the appraiser can place on it (within reasonable market values).

With this in mind, you should spruce up your home before the appraisal. If your property is already on the market, you’ve probably done much of this work already. Make sure your lawn is well manicured, the exterior has no disrepair and the interior is well-kept and clean. If any minor repairs are needed, such as broken door handles, light fixtures or windows, complete these before the appraisal. Otherwise, your home will seem older and less valuable than it could be.

The Appraisal: What to Do

What should you do the day of your estate appraisal in Napa County, CA? Make the appraiser’s visit as comfortable as possible. Lock up pets. Set the house at a comfortable temperature. Make sure someone is home to let the appraiser in at the set time of the appointment.

It’s also a good idea to keep track of any improvements you make to your home, as well as any improvements made to the neighborhood. When the appraiser arrives, provide them with this information so they can incorporate it into their evaluation of your property.

Find Out More

If you’d like more information about estate appraisals in Napa County, CA, or would like to order an appraisal, contact the team at County Appraisals Inc. We are a California State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser, with expertise in a wide range of property types. Reach out to us today to get started!

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