Can Past Disasters Affect a Home Appraisal?

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This year, it seems like there has been an almost constant stream of news about natural disasters plaguing communities across the country and around the world. In California, we suffered numerous serious wildfires that caused hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate their homes and destroyed many communities across the state. These natural disasters are tragic and they can have lasting impacts on community members. Many homeowners wonder whether natural disasters will affect their home value during an appraisal, and it’s important to understand the factors that come into play here.

Appraising a home after a disaster

In many cases, lenders request appraisals after a natural disaster to determine whether the property’s value has been affected. In other cases, property owners request appraisals so that they can assess the value of their property and determine whether they need to invest in repairs or renovations to restore its value. Regardless of the reason for the appraisal, it’s important for appraisers to follow specific guidelines to achieve the most reliable post-disaster appraisal possible.

Appraising a property after a disaster is a tricky task for a real estate appraiser in Napa County, CA, especially if that appraiser isn’t aware of the property’s condition before the disaster. For the most accurate appraisal possible, an appraiser will likely consult previous appraisals of the property and look for detailed descriptions and photographs, if available, to compare the home to. The appraiser will inspect the property and make observations about any damage or problems related to the disaster.

For the purposes of objective reporting, it’s important for appraisers to use language and assessments that are consistent with the scope of their knowledge and expertise. In other words, an appraiser can acknowledge peeling paint on a home’s exterior, but might not necessarily be able to determine whether this was directly caused by a natural disaster like a fire. The appraiser will document their findings with photographs to ensure the most accurate reporting possible.

Getting an appraisal

As a property owner, you want to feel confident in the results of your appraisal, and the best way to do that is to find a reliable real estate appraiser in Napa County, CA. A professional real estate appraiser will be able to effectively assess the value of your property after a disaster so that you can get the most accurate information. Make sure to find an appraiser that has extensive experience and is fully licensed to provide appraisal services.

Contact a real estate appraiser in Napa County, CA

If you want to find out more about natural disasters and how they can affect home appraisals, reach out to County Appraisals Inc. Our team has provided appraisal services to residents and property owners in and around Napa County since 2008, and we continue to develop a reputation for the quality of our services and our dedication to our customers. Give our team a call today to find out more about all of our services and begin working with a real estate appraiser in Napa County, CA!

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