How Much Value Does a Pool Add to an Estate?

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Many homeowners would love to have a pool. Having a refreshing oasis available in your own backyard on a hot summer day is a dream come true. But we all know that a pool comes with a hefty initial price tag. Then, once you add in maintenance costs, does it really pay off in the end to install a pool? When you want to sell your home, will a pool bump the property’s price enough to make up the difference?

If you’re wondering about long-term value and obtaining a pool appraisal in Napa County, CA, it’s time to dig a bit deeper. Read on to find out the real story about pools’ effects on property values.

Your situation

The reality is that whether a pool is a good investment is dependent on context. For example, if you live in a wealthier neighborhood where many people have pools, then it might be a smart idea to install one so that your property keeps pace with others in the same market.

Other considerations include whether you live in a warm climate, which would mean the pool would be usable for a good portion of the year, and whether your property is big enough to accommodate a pool. It may not be ideal to install a pool if it means you have to completely eliminate the backyard.

Even considering all of this, the return may or may not be worth it to you. In a good situation, it’s possible to get an ROI of around 7 percent. This considers ideal conditions where the pool is well maintained, fits the neighborhood and the new buyer is interested in having a pool.

Consider all the costs

The initial outlay for an in-ground pool is steep—pools typically go for $30,000 to $100,000. And that’s just the installation and equipment to get started—then you have to consider filtration and heating, which mean more upfront and recurring costs. Add on regular maintenance costs for chemicals to keep the water swimmable, and it’s quite costly.

But, of course, if you want a pool, that’s ultimately the most important consideration. If your family is just itching to get out and swim regularly, and you can keep up with the maintenance, then it could be a great idea.

Estates with pools in Napa County, CA

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