What to Look Out for in Wines for 2020

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Few industries live and breathe quite like the wine market. This dynamic market sector changes every year based on both market trends and broader worldwide concerns. Wondering what wines to drink in 2020? Read on—in many ways, this year in Napa County, CA will be no different from years past.

Natural wines: Not just a fad

There’s a growing movement among wine connoisseurs known as “natural wine.” Natural wines are produced from organically-farmed ingredients and then allowed to ferment without the help of additives and human intervention. The result is what proponents call a “living wine.”

Though the notion is still somewhat controversial among traditionalists, natural wine is gaining ground among wine drinkers in search of a genuinely full-bodied experience.

Rosé will rise, Malbec will lose ground

Long considered something of a “lightweight” wine, rosés have undergone something of a renaissance in recent years thanks to some innovative new blends. The result is new branding as wine for a truly experienced wine appreciator.

Meanwhile, U.K. drinkers are finding something to love in appassimento wines—smooth-drinking wines that are slowly taking over the area once owned by Malbec.

Addressing climate change

The encroaching threat of climate change has reached out to touch nearly every industry on the planet, and wine is not immune. As a result, you can expect wines in 2020 in Napa County, CA to be produced in a more environmentally-friendly manner as vineyards and wineries around the world pitch in to help the fight against climate change.

Eat vegan, drink vegan

One fascinating offshoot of the attempt to address climate change is a public that’s keener on the idea of turning vegan. Of course, eating a plant-based diet doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing the things you love, wine included. As a result of the growing number of people interested in veganism, winemakers have responded with a substantial increase in the number of vegan wines being placed on the market.

More opportunity than ever before

With each passing day, wine drinkers are becoming more adventurous. They’ve learned to seek out regional blends and unique sampling opportunities rather than turn to the classic regions that inspired wine drinkers of the past. That’s bad news for Bordeaux, but great news for creative wine entrepreneurs.

Get a jump on tomorrow, today

The one international constant in 2020? The wine market is poised for incredible growth in demand. Year after year, more and more people clamor for the unique wine blends and tastes that only the world’s best soil—Napa soil—can deliver. Wines in 2020 in Napa County, CA will be booming. But to get in on the fun, you’ll need to have your own parcel of land.

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